Soooo... the whole dating thing hasn't quite worked out for you?

And you've come up with a whole laundry list of reasons why you can't seem to get lucky in love...

You've been telling yourself stuff like, I’m afraid of getting hurt and disappointed for the hundredth time ; No one never approaches me; I am very outspoken and too opinionated; I’m overweight and not pretty enough; Maybe my standards are too high; I don’t know how to date; All the good ones are already taken; I’m too intimidating; My career takes up so much time; I don't have time to date... and the list goes on and on and on...

But what if none of those reasons are true (gasp)? What if the whole love and marriage thing really IS written in the stars for you?

What If...

  • You're supposed to have the bad and boujee career, the house, the dog, AND the love of your life?

  • You're supposed to be planning your annual international vacations, discussing holiday travel plans, and deciding if/when is a good time for kids with your boo thang over pillow talk on Saturday mornings?

  • You're supposed to be that girl who is always super incredibly happy... you know, the girl who's life is so damn near perfect you can't help but feel a little envious?

  • You're supposed to have your rock-- your special someone who makes tragedy bearable and good times feel like you're suspended in air?

Just because things haven't worked out the way you planned, doesn't mean you still can't have everything you want!

  • Even if... You’re over 30, with no prospects, and it feels like the odds are stacked against you

  • Even if... You’ve spent all your time developing an amazing career and no time searching for love

  • Even if... You’ve got stuff! You know, past trauma, emotional baggage, daddy issues, a child from a previous relationship, and a history of making bad choices...

The answer to a different outcome is as simple as (1) being able to identify which of your current patterns are maintaining this cycle, and (2) learning to replace those patterns with more conducive ways of thinking and being.

If you've found yourself stuck, that's a tell-all sign that your current ways of thinking and being have failed you-- they aren't getting you what you want out of life!

Deep down you know you can't continue to do the same things you've done in the past if you want things to be different.

This doesn't excuse the poor behavior and choices of others (ain't shi*men, liars, cheaters, users, etc.), but it does mean that despite all of that, YOU still have a responsibility to yourself -- To make yourself happy!

So, for all my ladies who have found themselves stuck in a pattern that is not getting them what they want out of life, I've created something special for you...

We usually repeat negative patterns when our thinking isn’t aligned with our AMAZINGNESS.

However, if you can identify those patterns, you can break them and ultimately, free yourself up for more love, more money, and more happiness. And that's why I created...

During the challenge, your current patterns of thinking and being will be tested against the top 5 thinking errors that hinder our ability to find and receive love, you will learn which of these errors (if any) are present in your life, and you will receive exclusive tips on how you can start correcting them, today!   

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I know you’ve talked to all your smartest friends, and you've probably read countless self-help books, yet, you're still not where you want to be. So why not try something different?

This challenge is backed by science and combines the best of what we know from research on relationships along with my personal experience working with amazing women just like you!

"This is the expert advice you won't get from your friends!" -Dr. Tai

This challenge was built from scratch for all my ladies who've been...

  • Jumping from failed relationship to failed relationship

  • Scanning profiles on Match, eHarmony, Tinder, Plenty of Fish, Bumble, and The League -- but still no luck

  • Convinced that all the good ones are already taken

  • Secretly considering that maybe marriage just isn't in the cards for you

Here's What's Included:

  • D.I.Y. Therapy for Love & Relationships: We'll start with my 2 part 'do it yourself" style video series on love and relationships. You will "therapize" yourself during this mini course learning why it's so important to identify negative patterns in our life and you'll uncover where some of your negative patterns came from.

  • The Challenge: You'll gain access to a custom built challenge by Dr. Tai (the founder of The Black Girl Doctor). It consists of a combination of multiple choice, yes/no, and short answer type questions. You answer them in a fun, interactive online format. The questions will challenge you to think hard about your views on love and your patterns in dating and relationships.

  • Your Results: Your score will be calculated at the end of the challenge and you will receive customized results based on your responses. Your results will tell you which (if any)of the top 5 thinking errors that tend to block women from finding love are present in your life. I call them "Blessing Blockers!"

  • Next Steps: For each Blessing Blocker that you score positive for, you will receive (1) a detailed explanation telling you what it is (complete with down-to-earth, relate-able, sista girlfriend examples), (2) a description of why it sucks and how it's probably blocking you from your blessings, and (3) tips on how you can start eliminating it from your life right away!

  • BONUS VIDEO: Find out how your results compare to others who took the challenge with access to a special bonus video with Dr. Tai. Plus gain access to course handouts and online resources.

  • LIFETIME ACCESS: Yup, you heard me, you get to keep lifetime access to the challenge and all materials. Take the challenge over and over again as many times as you want through your Black Girl Doctor membership portal!

"If you keep addressing the wrong problem, you will never get to the right solution!" -Dr. Tai

After taking The Why I'm Still Single Challenge, you will walk away with:


    Are you getting in your own way and blocking your blessings when it comes to love and relationships? The challenge will give you a straight forward YES or NO answer, then tell you exactly what you need to work on to turn things around.


    Finally understand what in the heck is going on with your love life. No more second guessing if you are doing everything right. The challenge will tell you if your past experiences are clouding your judgment and causing you to make decisions that are not in line with your best interest.


    Keep copies of all the handouts so you can refer back to them as you begin to implement changes. Keep lifetime access to the challenge so you can re-test whenever you need.


3,000+ women have already taken the challenge, and here's what they are saying...

I'm really excited about taking this information to help me break the patterns I've fallen victim to and kick my blessing blockers to the curb!

I have been really stuck in dating and knew it was due to my beliefs. This quiz definitely shed light on those thought erros and gave me guidance on how to correct them.

Some of the things that came up are things I probably would have never connected to being part of the reason I'm single or even recognized as the issues they actually are. This was very helpful!

The Challenge was very insightful. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is single, dating, engaged, and divorced.

I found it to be very thought provoking and self reflective.

I enjoyed it. I took the test on a whim and the results revealed much more than what I anticipated. Very helpful, very helpful indeed!

How can I work with you? I did the challenge and know what's in my way. I feel motivated to do things different. I think this advice really can make a difference. I didn't expect to get this much from a little quiz.

Uuummmm... yes! Thank you. I took it and my results were spot on. I definitely do all this stuff but I'm going to work on doing something different.

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Your Instructor

Hi, I'm Dr. Tai. I've spent over 5 years helping women who struggle with love and relationships in therapy. During that time, I've learned a LOT and noticed a lot of commonalities.

One of the hugest lessons learned, is that while every story starts off focused on a particular incident or on a certain heartbreak, there is always more... a pattern of thinking or behavior that fuels the cycle of getting the same results time and time again. Let me tell you what I know to be true... I know the pickings in the dating pool seem limited at best, I know that if you don't want to be single, the long stretches of time in between relationships can start to wreak havoc on your insecurities, and I know that your heart has been broken-- maybe even lots of times. However, did you know that despite anything that is going on around you, it literally only takes one person to break a negative cycle? Well, it's true, and that's great news girlfriend, because it means that if things haven't turned out the way you planned, you can do something about it!

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